130+ of the Best Black Websites Online!

130+ of the Best Black Websites Online!


United Black America presents the BEST black websites, african american websites, african websites, and black dating websites on the net. You wont find a list like this anywhere else!

I have hand picked and checked each and every site on this list for design, recent updates, and relevant content to give you access to some of the best African, African American, and Black minds on the internet.

again, all websites are checked for regularly updated content. No websites or blogs are listed whose last update was more than one month ago (unless the content is GREAT!)

Note: These are blogs and individually owned websites, not companies, stores, or organizations. For those listings, please visit our Ultimate Black Business Directory and the United Black America Store.

All links are regularly checked. These websites are all alive, malware free, and regularly updated. If you dont see your favorite site on this list, leave us a comment and we will check it out!

Message Boards

  1. Assata Shakur – One of the oldest and most active Black message boards on the net
  2. The United Black America Forum – A brand new forum with secure access and content. Hosted on an encrypted server to ensure topics discussed arent seen by the public.
  3. Cocoa Lounge – Another old and active message board. Focuses on news and entertainment, but anything goes.
  4. Black Pages – More than a message board! Full listing of Black businesses as well
  5. Destee – One of the most vibrant message boards online. Large and open minded community and lots of resources.
  6. Soul Veg Folks – So much more than a message board! Huge number of Black conscious eaters.
  7. Abibitumi Kasa – One of the best Pan African sites online. Seeing is believing!

Websites For and By Black Women

  1. Your Chic Is Showing – A well designed, relevant, high fashion oriented website by a self-proclaimed Fashionista
  2. Wordyless – Two sisters blog about their travels, adventures, career aspirations, and thoughts.
  3. What Now and Why – Named one of the BlogHer 2012 voices of the year. “I think. And then I write about my thoughts. Because I’m smart.”, she writes.
  4. Try Anything Once – Food and Travel from a proactive Black Woman’s perspective
  5. The Hidden Melody – Health, Finance, and Short Stories by  Howard University Alumni  Shantel Williams
  6. The Budget Fashionista – Womens fashion trends for those balling on a budget!
  7. Succulent Women Find Love – A site for personal empowerment and dating for succulent (aka curvy) Black women
  8. Stylish Thought – Rethinking life and style. A personal empowerment website for Black women.
  9. Shen Dove Style – Shen Dove is a Washington, DC based personal style and fashion blogger originally from Philadelphia.  Shen Dove decided to turn her life-long love of style and fashion into a blog in 2010.
  10. Scandalous Beauty Online – An award- winning website whose resume includes the Black Weblog Award for Best Fashion and Style Blog in ’08, a feature as a Top Black Beauty Blogger by Essence Magazine online, and over 4,000,000 Youtube video views.
  11. Powder Room Chat – Internal dialogue for women of color. Well designed and frequently updated.
  12. Positive Propaganda – Inspiring, educating, and empowering black women and girls to create healthy perceptions of self, while campaigning for global perception change.
  13. Afro Bella –  What list of Black Women’s websites would be complete without a nod to Afro Bella, the Grand Diva of Black Beauty Blogging! Afrobella is on For Harriet’s list of 45 must follow Tumblr blogs, and on Mike Street’s list of top 10 African Americans to follow on Pinterest. Afrobella is on the Signature 99 list of top beauty and fashion bloggers in the world. Afrobella is dedicated to product reviews, ruminations about culture, music and style, and interviews with women all shades of beautiful.
  14. My Beautiful Cocoon – A very beutiful mind spill from a very beautiful New Yorker
  15. Mama Knows it All – GREAT website by a single mother who is also an Out of School Time Educator, and creator of the D.R.A.M.A. Queens program (Dream Realizing and Mission Accomplishing Queens) to encourage positive self-esteem in girls and women.
  16. The Runway Times – the destination where everyone is free in fashion and beauty through style, confidence, and that sassy statement, “I don’t care what anyone says about what I wear!”.
  17. From Rae With Love – Some great insights on life and love, regardless of your gender. I really wanted to file this site under the “Black Culture” Category.
  18. Goal Driven Woman  – A series of list style posts dedicated to overachieving women.
  19. Dr. Goddess – The website of Kimberly C. Ellis, Ph.D. – writer, an entertainer, an entrepreneur, a scholar (of American and Africana Studies), and an activist. Very comprehensive site that covers most of the categories listed here.
  20. Black N Bougie – I checked this site out for the first time today, and took a time out to read damned near the entire site. Even the “about” page. Its that good.
  21. Ethnic Skin Aficionado – For the past two years, Ethnic Skin Aficionado has been advocating for skin care equality in the spa and beauty industry. After checking her site out, it would be a travesty for me not to include her on this list!

African and Pan-African Websites

  1. All Africa – The Grandaddy of Africa news websites. Be prepared to spend all day surfing this one!
  2. Face2Face Africa – A brand new site with a clean design and very relevant, well written articles
  3. Pambazuka News -‘Pambazuka’ in Kiswahili means the dawn or to arise as a verb. Pambazuka News is produced by a pan-African community of some 2,600 citizens and organisations – academics, policy makers, social activists, women’s organisations, civil society organisations, writers, artists, poets, bloggers, and commentators who together produce insightful, sharp and thoughtful analyses and make it one of the largest and most innovative and influential web forums for social justice in Africa.
  4. Pan-African News Wire – The world’s only international daily Pan-African News source edited by the legendary Abayomi Azikiwe. 
  5. Project Pan-Africa – A relatively new site packed with curated and controversial content. Definitely worth a look and subscription!
  6. Pan-African Agenda – Not the best design, and a little outdated, but some of the best Pan-African content online. Similar to the Pan African News Wire.
  7. Pan African Times  – HUGE cultural and news website that is frequently updated. SUBSCRIBE TO THIS ONE!

Black Dating Sites

  1. Black Singles – You know you have wanted to check it out at least once! Register today to get in the game!
  2. Afro Introductions – The leading African dating site linking the world to African women and African singles – both in America and around the world

Religion and Spirituality

  1. UMystic Blaze – Author Blaze shares everything that a shyer version of herself would’ve kept to herself and unapologetically spit pure fiyah for, as and by God!
  2. Healing Truth Center – Healing Truth Center™ is a company committed to inspiration, education and healing. Created by Shawna Marie
  3. Michelles Motivation – A site intended to motivate and encourage everyone, regardless of their religion, chosen career, or respective lifestyles.
  4. Lance Scurv – Another favorite of mine, this brotha goes in on would-be Christians!
  5. Wu-Nuwaup – One of the many sites of the Nuwaubian nation. Not much content, but decent design and info

Black History

  1. Juneteenth – Juneteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. The website features information, as well as national events
  2. Black History – Much of the historical research that we do on this site comes from BlackHistory.com. Great for research purposes, and also has a large database of user created sites.
  3. Black Facts – world’s largest free online database of black history information
  4. Black History EB  – Encyclopedia Britannica’s a-z guide to Black History.
  5. Real African American Heroes – salutes hundreds of African Americans who have made a differenceBrowse EVERY copy of Jet, Ebony, and Negro Digest going back to 1951. Truly a great resource!
  6. Afri Geneas – a site devoted to African American genealogy with a decent blog
  7. Global Black History – Site covering Black History from around the globe
  8. Uncrowned Community Builders – A user generated collection of the bios of unknown or forgotten community builders
  9. Cheikh Anta Diop – Website honoring the legendary Black Scientist and historian

Black Culture

  1. Thy Black Man – A MASSIVE site with tons of articles from bloggers around the net. Topics range from pop culture to revolutionary Black thought.
  2. The Urban Urbanite – an urban lifestyle blog where topics range from food & drink, travel & leisure and art & culture to personal reflections, rants and ramblings on current events, life and happenstance
  3. Clutch Magazine – ONE OF THE BEST LINKS ON THIS LIST! The article that got me hooked? “An Unholy Alliance: Black Folks and Chick-fil-A“. Nuff said!
  4. Yoli’s Green Living– Black Enterprise named Yoli the “Queen of Green” and one of the Top 20 National Bloggers. She offers rich, colorful meal and food preparation demos, workshops, lectures, and organizes a variety of eco-chic green themed events in New York.
  5. The Intersection of Madness and Reality – One of the greatest collections of Black minds on the net. News and political commentary unmatched anywhere else on the net. Definitely add them to your Google Reader!
  6. Afro Netizen – Hard to categorize this site, they have DOZENS of categories! Been in the game since 1999.
  7. Raw Dawg Buffalo – Prolific author, recipient of numerous weblogs, and a genuine thought leader. A must have in your bookmarks folder!
  8. Neo Soul Lifestyle – Not regularly updated, but theres plenty of content to peruse until the bloggers get back on their game!
  9. My American Melting Pot – Although more of a parenting, identity politics, and pop culture site, MAMP encompasses much of the Black experience from a multi-cultural point of view
  10. Your Black World – A Boyce Wakins Joint, and a near complete collection of all things Black culture (news, entertainment, etc)
  11. Soul of America – A great African American travel website. SoulOfAmerica is the pioneer online publisher of black cultural travel information in U.S. Cities, the Caribbean and select International destinations.
  12. Our Legacy – An interactive Black news/journal in which award winning writer and entrepreneur, Jessica Ann Mitchell, explores different nuances of the Black experience.
  13. Ashy 2 Classy -Runs a radio show/podcast called Straight Outta Lo Cash that will have you ROLLING!
  14. Black America Cooks – Recipes and profiles of African American chefs. Step your kitchen game up!
  15. Basic Black – An affiliate of the WGBH Radio network, this is a fantastic site with tons of revolutionary insight.
  16. Boomer Wizdom – Tri-Lingual international business and government professional Patricia A. Patton especially focuses on the perspectives of voices from communities of color, those who are aging who are sharing the stories we tell ourselves about who we are and how we make meaningful connections between various aspects of our lives.

Business, Money, and Professional Development

  1. The Network Journal – Monthly online business magazine for Black professionals and business owners. They must be doing something right; A recent Research USA study indicates that their readers have an average household net worth of $611,250!
  2. Target Market News – a great professional resource site that analyzes black consumer spending and its impact on the economy.
  3. Rise and Grind – No list of Black websites on money and hustling would be complete without a mention to Rise and Grind! Definitely worth bookmarking!
  4. Succeed As Your Own Boss – Discover How to Finally Get Paid What You are Worth and Profit From Your Passion. THis site has been nothing but an asset since I subscribed. Definitely worth a check.
  5. I Am Charles Taylor – This man knows what he is doing. Business, hustle, inspiration…all in a damned good website layout! DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!
  6. Black Bloggers Connect – Tips on Blogging and professional development from a coalition of Bloggers
  7. Black Economic Development – issues related to improving the economic condition of Black people are openly discussed, along with a variety of content to spur critical thinking and positive action.
  8. Minority Business Entrepreneur Magazine

African American News, Activism, and Politics

  1. Afro Net – Fairly decent news and sports website. Simple, easy to load design. (Requires login to view content)
  2. Black America Web – Popularized by Tom Joyner, Black America Web has grown into a huge cultural information hub.
  3. EURWeb – headed by urban radio legend Lee Bailey, EUR/Electronic Urban Report has become one of the foremost information source for urban entertainment, sports, politics and opinion.
  4. Black Press USA – very well designed recent news website  featuring exclusives from Black journalists and community publicists
  5. The Field Negro – One of the most precocious and hilarious Black political minds on the net. Ive been a long-time fan!
  6. The Root – One of the Grand Daddy’s of Black news websites, the Root has changed the face of the media forever!
  7. The Grio – Much like the Root, the Grio is a huge and timely database of Black news and commentary
  8. Prune Juice Media – Great website with precocious political and social commentary.
  9. Monroe Anderson – Political commentary from writer and speaker Monroe Anderson.
  10. Color of Change – Ok, I know that this isnt necessarily a news blog, but when news happens that affects us, you will find it on Color of Change
  11. The New Black Magazine – Wide variety of topics and fairly regularly updated
  12. Todays Drum – In business since 2008. Not too frequently updated, but has a huge archives cache to keep you busy.
  13. African American News and Commentary – Pretty decent and regularly updated Blogger site with some crisp insight
  14. Black Like Moi – So much more than Black news! Covers relationships, politics, etc with a strong social media presence and frequently updated!
  15. Politic365 – Well designed and well staffed newcomer to Black journalism. Frequently updated with solid content!

Black Art, Music, Writing, Photography, and Film

  1.  Black Film – provides a forum for filmmakers, scholars and organizations to present information and promote artistic expression. Tons of recent content!
  2. Alvin Ailey Online – Website for legendary Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater (grew from a now-fabled performance in March 1958 at the 92nd Street Y in New York City).
  3. 3 Black Chicks – News and film reviews with lots of video content.
  4. Nubian Poets – a MAGNIFICENT site that even teaches you  How to write a Haiku, <a< span=””> href=”http://aalbc.com/” target=”_blank”> How to write a Sonnet, and  How to write a Limerick
  5. The Black Book Review – Publishes a monthly free Black Book Review digital and print magazine
  6.  The African American Literature Book Club –  is the largest and most frequently visited (Based on Alexa.com and others) black websites dedicated to books and film by and about people of African descent.
  7. BlackWriters.Org – website for the Black Writers Reunion & Conference. Well known for its engaging workshop presenters, outstanding topics, inspirational ambience, and professional organization.
  8. Black Gospel Music Clef – This website is HUGE! 4,000+ Twitter followers, 15 years in business, over 90,000 subscribers, and tons of articles, reviews, and information on the gospel music industry.
  9. Afro Voices – focuses on African American performers and composers and on the vocal music forms they influenced, especially opera and art songs, including Negro spirituals composed for concert performance.
  10. 365 Hustle – Ive been a long time fan of Meiji, author of the site. I can remember when he was just picking up the photography and videography thing, and now hes one of the best on the net!
  11. Shahida At Large –  WRITER. EDITOR. STYLISH. INTROSPECTIVE. MUSLIM. Where else can you find that combo?!

 Relationships, Dating, and Parenting

  1.  Very Smart Brothas – The Champ and Panama Jackson are two veteran bloggers who author Very Smart Brothas. THey have also co-written and published Your Degrees Won’t Keep You Warm at Night: The Very Smart Brothas Guide to Dating, Mating, and Fighting Crime 130+ of the Best Black Websites Online!
  2. What About Our Daughters – A MASSIVE site that has been around since 2007, author Gina McCauley has also published a book entitled More Than Words and Blogging 101 that you should check out (buy her books here).
  3. Socamom – Learning about how other mothers handle raising a family is how motherhood knowledge has been passed on since the beginning of time. Socamom.com continues that tradition using humor, sympathy, technology, and education.
  4. Single Black Male – Dating and relationship advice from an urban male perspective. Also covers a wide range of other topics, including fashion.
  5. Black and Married With Kids – A website about….being Black and Married With Kids! (and a good one, at that!) Featured on FOX!
  6. My Quest to Teach – A very positive website from a Black male educator. Support the positive if you really want to weaken the negative!
  7. Mid Love Crisis – One of the better dating and relationship management websites that I have come across. Check this sista out!
  8. Kaneisha.com – Im a sucker for a well -designed website, and Kaneisha’s aims to please!  Her site helps men and women who are committed to living, loving, and achieving their absolute greatest potential.
  9. Ground Control Parenting – Ground Control Parenting is a blog for parents of children of color, with a particular focus on issues affecting boys.
  10. George Talks – And you should probably listen if you are having relationship issues!
  11. Carolyn Edgar –  Lawyer, a writer and a single mother  graduate of Harvard Law School, and current vice president at a Fortune 500 company blogs about parenting and relationships
  12. Tariq Nasheed’s Mack Lessons Radio – Ive been a long time fan of this Black, conscious, relationship expert. Has spoken at Harvard, and has been featured on MTV

 Health and Physical Fitness

  1. A Black Girls Guide to Weight Loss – This site has been going strong for nearly a year. Complete with featured exercises, great recipes, and an aesthetically pleasing design!
  2. Nubian Soul Locks – Health and physical fitness (among other topics) from  a Black Muslim.
  3. Black Girls Run – A running and overall physical fitness website aimed at Black women. Great design and a chance to connect with other local runners
  4. Chasing Joy – More of a mental health blog. Very nice design and upbeat posts.
  5. Vegans of Color – AMAZING website, and a powerful resource for conscious eaters!
  6. The Vegetarian Athelete – Proof that vegetarianism can also promote high athletic performance and size!
  7. By Any Greens Necessary – Parent site for celebrity Black food writer and publisher of the book by the same name. HUGE RESOURCE!
  8. Detroit Black Community Food Security Network – This is activism in action. The DBFSN should serve as a model for all other activist sites out there!

Science and Technology

  1.  Shareef Jackson Online – 2012 Black Weblog Awards nominee Shareef Jackson (also an engineering undergraduate from Brown and Masters Degree holder from Case Western) blogs about all things science, technology, and geek.
  2. Dream and Hustle – Ed has been in the game for at least 6 years, covering tech and hustle, building massive databases, and giving away more information than you deserve to have! He is also an Atlanta area entrepreneur who practices what he preaches.
  3. Brotha Tech – The latest and greatest Tech trends from a true professional. His site is both entertaining, informative, and easy on the eyes!
  4. 12 Machines – One of the absolute best Black websites centered on technology. If you can find one better, I havent seen it! This melanated foursome has their shit together!
  5. That Tech Chick –  One of the few Black SEO bloggers that I pay attention to. The design is superb, and her Home Technology category is worth a look.
  6. But Youre A Girl – Blog author Adria solves business problems with technology solutions and is a Developer Evangelist at SendGrid. Her resume is SERIOUS, meaning you can count on her for accurate info!
  7. Black Innovation Initiative – One of my favorite sites focusing on STEM Education and Workforce Development, access to Capital and Capital Formation, and High-Growth Entrepreneurship

Sports and Entertainment

  1.  Siren Entertainment – Siren Entertainment is a woman- and Black-owned event management firm, conceptualized and launched to orchestrate innovative, unique social entertainment events primarily for mature, urban singles in the Philadelphia area.
  2. Straight From The A – One of the best entertainment and gossip websites PERIOD! Although the focus is on Atlanta goings on, you will enjoy it regardless of where you are!
  3. You Know You Dead Ass Wrong! – DO NOT OPEN THIS LINK AT WORK! You will be dying from laughter!
  4. Concrete Loop – Up to date info on Hollywood gossip, music, and fashion.
  5. Necole Bitchie – If youve been, then you already know.
  6. Ear to Da Streets – Mixtape drops, music videos, and interviews.
  7. Crunk and Disorderly – Remember when the word “crunk” was in heavy rotation? While Im glad to see the word go, Im glad this site didnt go with it!
  8. Media Take Out – Claims to be the most visited Black website on the net for urban entertainment.
  9. Divas and Dorks – a – a celebration of men & women who enjoy the latest in fashion, technology & entertainment. Divas and Dorks readers are intelligent and glamorous, enlightening and entertaining not to mention friendly, fabulous and fun.
  10. Inside Black College Sports – Sports News and views from across the Black college diaspora
  11. Black Baseball – Not regularly updated, but a wealth of information makes this site still worth checking out
  12. National Brotherhood of Skiers – At a time when African Americans on the ski slopes were a rarity and black ski clubs were an exception, Ben Finley and Art Clay were not deterred from their vision to create a national Black Ski Summit.
  13. Chasing Soul – Huge music and events website, ran single-handedly by one woman!

Revolutionary Black Thought

  1. RBG Street Scholar – A massive site similar to United Black America. Start here if you are new to Black Consiousness
  2. RBG Tube – A video collection of interest to Pan-African thinkers
  3. Black Power Cartel – Youtube style site featuring RBG videos
  4. Black Unity – A NING social network for Black Power
  5. Pan African Perspective – Large site inspired by the call to Pan Africanism by Kwame Nkrumah
  6. World African Diaspora Union – News site dedicated to Pan African advancements around the world
  7. The Organization for Black Struggle – The blog for the organization is regularly updated with info that would interest anyone in the diaspora
  8. Black United Front – The blog for the revolutionary BUF organization”
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